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Keyword targeted smart ads hits home!

Our system will crawl publisher pages to enable keyword targeting of your ads. Onsite content keywords are matched with the ad keywords you input, to ensure a higher impact of your ads. People that land on the page where you ad is shown, has an interest in what you are advertising.

Behavioural remarketing captures the audience.

We allow retargeting through our system, allowing you to combine your marketing campaigns across multiple channels and ensure that those potential customers with a higher engagement ratio are shown your ad again and again until they make that buy.

Timed ads are right on time and saves money.

You know best when your audience buys your product, so we empower you to time your ads so they are served in the most profitable timeframe. Even if you do not know, after a little while, our system can tell you and you can alter your campaign. This means that with smartXads you will maximize your ROI.

That is why we call our ads smart ads.